Good-bye Russia and hello France! If there were a time of the year that hasn’t lacked for bright colors, dynamic motions and intense moments, then it has been the last, and coming weekend.

Hello MoscowWe’ve just returned from Moscow, where we had the pleasure and the honor to represent France at the European Championship and leave our mark on the dance floor in the Kremlin.

European Championship 2016_Moscow_Kremlin_Paso Doble_Diana Buraka

It was a magnificent event, and the timing of it couldn’t have been any better, because it corresponded with the Russian Orthodox Easter festivities. All the streets were greeting us with colorful arches of flowers, gigantic Easter eggs, folkloric fairy tale characters and traditional Easter market stalls. The vibrant Easter celebrations were in full swing, and after dancing our heart out in the historic hall of the Kremlin, we felt like butter-rich pancakes with some hot chocolate from the Sunday market would be a perfect treat!

Thats how much we love flowers in RussiaWe’ve indulged our taste buds with typical Russian cuisine specialties, until our journey had taken us to our next dance destination – Trophées De France!

Strolling throut the streets of MoscowExactly one year ago, we had a truly memorable moment at this very event, when we became the French Champions. We have been very proud to carry this significant title and we will be delighted to dance again for this trophy this coming Sunday!
You are welcome to keep your fingers and toes crossed! 😉

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