Modern Vintage show

Last weekend has been spent yet again on the Planet of creative thinking, artistic ideas and imaginative dance motion! This time I choreographed to accompany the launch of a remarkable new album called “Modern Vintage” by Jay Hofman and his own label ‘Haus of Hofman’. The concert will take place on Saturday, the 12th of December at 8pm at the Conway Hall in Holborn, London. Together with my dance partner we will be performing to lyrical numbers ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘I Won’t Kill’.

My inspirations for this show have been gathered from the ‘Twilight’ saga…
Needless to say…it is meant to be intense, passionate and dramatic, but what may appear unexpected, is the element of reckless unconditional love with its harrowing demands and fatal sacrifices!

The powerful lyrics say ‘I won’t kill, cause I love you’!
Well…my dance interpretation is more cold-blooded than those promises …
It’s a story of a couple torn apart by the death of a fiancée, who was lured into the dark Kingdom of the Vampires. In a moment of deep sorrows he pleads for her not to leave him. When she is resurrected, his doubts and suspicions about her mysterious awakening are dispelled by her innocent appearance of the same loving girl he always knew. When confronted with the realization of her becoming a Vampire, he is encouraged to trust her promise not to harm him. Little did he know, that Vampires can not resist their instincts. Also her temptation of re-uniting with her beloved through the cold-blooded Vampire link becomes overwhelming…

If you are intrigued to see this act on stage, join us this Saturday at 8pm at the Conway Hall!

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