Ma Liaison Allemande – Meine Reise durch Köln – Art Cologne – City Tour Cologne

Art Cologne_April 2017_Diana Buraka

Cologne welcomed me with the warm breeze, contrasting rain and sunshine, but most importantly, with an uplifting feeling of a new start of an awakening spring season.

Pullman Cologne_view from the roof top bar_Diana BurakaMy city tour adventures started through the lively Breiten Strasse with its vibrant atmosphere of chilled Reggie tunes, and the local cafés and bakeries, beckoning me with the aroma of freshly baked pastries and neatly arranged breadbaskets.

Breite str_Koeln_Cologne_Diana BurakaColourful decorations of the Hussel Chocolate artisan shop caught my eye.
Chocolate is the answer, I thought to myself! It has been always known as ‘food for soul’. The chocolate may not solve your problems, but, hey, an apple won’t solve them either…! 🙂

Hussel_Koeln_Cologne_Best German Chocolate_Diana BurakaWhen entering the kingdom of Hussel Chocolate, I instantly knew, – ‘I don’t need to be nice anymore, as I can get the best sweets myself!’  🙂
My favourite pick were the hazelnuts coated in the dark chocolate. Truly irresistible! Obviously, the pack of those hasn’t ever reached an initially intended recipient, as I have instantly opened the Pandora’s box of chocolate indulgence.

Koelner Dom_Cologne Cathedral_Diana BurakaSpin forward: after catching few Sun rays by the Cologne Cathedral, I am at the piano bar of Excelsior Hotel sipping on a fresh mint tea with honey, while listening to the tunes of soulful piano jazz and planning my tour through the art galleries. I had a double luck: after the long conference the day before, it was the time to explore the best of this culturally rich city. And what a coincidence, – it was the opening day of Art Cologne (26-29 of April 2017)! Moreover, I was lucky to have a fine Art expert as my personal guide, who I happened to meet by chance on my way to Art Cologne.

Art Cologne is a contemporary art fair, where established international galleries like Ben Brown Fine Arts and White Cube from London, David Kordansky from LA, Pearl Lam from Hong Kong, and other global counterparts are joined by successful young gallery owners like Antoine Levi and Joseph Tang from Paris, Project Native Informant from London, Kai Matsumiya from NY and Teminkova & Kasela from Tallinn, my home Baltic region amongst others, overall showing works of around two thousand artists.

My personal top five selection of the international rising stars may not indicate the next Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons! Nevertheless, they would be serious contenders to replace the current artwork in my office and remind me of the short but sweet memories of my Cologne adventures.

Art Cologne_April 2017_Diana Buraka

Looking forward to be on the radio show today!

Looking forward to be on the radio show today with the celebrity chef and restaurateur, Aldo Zilli!
‘Aldo Zilli’s After service’ will be shown today, the 10th of December 2015, 2-4pm on Soho Radio.
I don’t really have the face for the radio, but I guess, it’s gona be be fine! 😉

Diana Buraka_interview on Soho Radio with Aldo Zilli

My heart goes to you, Paris!

It’s an honor to represent this brave nation in good and bad times! So proud to be part of the liberal peaceful French community and moreover the French Dance Champion! My heart goes to you, Paris, and to those families, who need our support during such a tough time…My heart goes to you Paris

Write a feature on Kaoska Fashion Show 2015 – London Fashion Week 2015

This one goes to all my friends and colleagues, journalists/bloggers:

Currently I am writing a PRESS RELEASE for KAOSKA fashion show on the 24th of September. I will be hosting this show as a Master of Ceremony. Please let me know if any of you are interested to BE INVITED and to WRITE A FEATURE on it. If interested, please GET IN TOUCH with me asap!

Diana Buraka - Kaoska - Catwalk Diana Buraka - Kaoska poster- 11Sept2015

Please see the video that I’ve produced from Kaoska Show last year:

Rolls-Royce experience in the world of the Russian Art

Hosting a private evening for Rolls-Royce at Sotheby’s Auction House in London. Rolls-Royce experience in the world of the Russian Art including works of Konstantin Makovsky, Boris Kustodiev and Ilya Mashkov. To support the idea of the Russian Socialist Realism movement, I joined the numbers of Russian women depicted in RED ;-). Though, unlike the Socialist Realism artists, glorifying the working class, today I celebrate the true Perl of the Capitalism in its purest form and the decadence of the Russian Elite in the name of the most luxurious brand of the century! J

Diana Buraka: Hosting Rolls-Royce event at Sotheby's

Diana Buraka: Hosting Rolls-Royce event at Sotheby’s

Russian Art


Diana Buraka – at the Motor Show with Rolls Royce

Leaving to Germany to work for Rolls Royce at the Motor Show in Frankfurt with the true Spirit of Ecstasy! 😉

Diana Buraka for Rolls Royce

Diana Buraka for Rolls Royce

The Jonathan Ross Show

At THE JONATHAN ROSS SHOW last week (ITV London Studios). Tonight I am going to THE ALAN CARR: CHATTY MAN SHOW for the channel 4! Looking forward to watch the chatty man in action 🙂

Jonathan Ross Show_March2013

London Fashion Week 2013 – Fashion show and an interview with Nico Didonna.

Stylish, slick and timeless fashion collection of a London based Italian fashion designer, Nico Didonna. Have a look at his latest collection and find out from our interview at the London Fashion Week 2013 about the image of the woman that is reflected in his ‘smooth and jazzy’ designs.

London Fashion Week 2013 – an interview with Nina Naustdal

An interview with Nina Naustdal, Norwegian women’s-wear designer ( This video is featuring Nina’s latest Autumn/Winter collection at the London Fashion Week 2013.