World Dance Championship 2012

WORLD DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 is THE competition, that I am so looking forward to! I am packing my suitcase for tomorrow’s early flight to Innsbruck, Austria. (every following WM is happening in a different country, like Olympics). This Saturday we’ll be proudly walking under the French flag at the opening ceremony at the World Masters, representing Florent’s home-country (lucky boy!). Since France has so kindly chosen us to be it’s official representatives, I have started with a French course at the City Lit college. Ironically, I will have to miss my first French class tomorrow because of the World Masters… tough, my mind AND my body šŸ˜‰ will be with France.

I’ve already learned – ‘Vive La France!’ ;-))

And last but not the least, I attach THE dress for this special occasion, that will experience it’s debut this Saturday evening!

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