Carmen – my personal adaption of the dramatic Bizet’s opera Carmen into a fiery Paso Doble dance

Sounds of castanets and the march of a Toreador – that’s the vibe of our opening dance show ‘Carmen’ today at the Masquerade Ball at the Kensington Close Hotel! To the tunes of Bizet’s Opera, we will be performing for you a fiery Paso Doble dance!
WHERE:           The Kensington Close Hotel, Wrights Lane, W8 5SP, London
WHEN:            Saturday, 12 Nov.2016, door opens at 7pm, show at 9.15 pm

The latest chapter of my creative journey – The World Dance Championship in Moscow!

Yet another year we are privileged to be chosen to represent France at the World Dance Championship in Kremlin, Moscow!
diana-buraka_from-russia-with-loveFor me, this journey always brings nostalgic memories of growing up in the Soviet Latvia, when my father used to come back home in his fighter pilot uniform of the Russian Army.
I recall those days like a Soviet film from the past, where I am able to play a part and shape the storyline.
It all starts from the moment when the sumptuous halls of the Aurora Hotel on Petrovka street, that we call our home for a few days, are welcoming us with the grand style design of the Tsarist Russia.
hotel-aurora_moscowNo time to procrastinate in the lavish hotel lounges, – we register by the delegation of the World Dance Council and get ourselves ready for the mission!
It’s nothing less but the World Dance Championship and the stakes are high!
Hours of rehearsing, grooming and planning… and we are embarking on a journey through the strictly guarded gates of the Red Square. We are wondering through the maze of the endless corridors of Kremlin, till eventually reaching the festive Congress Hall, that breathes with Russian history. You glance at the grand stage and imagine the line-up of the remarkable performers it has seen. And that’s the moment I have to pinch yourself, because in couple of hours we are entering this stage and begin with our own story, that we’ll convey through the fusion of movements, music and our creative spirit.

Investing in Africa – The Challenge of High Returns, Liquidity, Currency Risk and Corporate Governance

by Diana Buraka

Fund managers casting their eyes on hot African ventures. Investing in Africa is still seen as a risky venture, but the quest for higher returns and margins makes this continent attractive for global investors in the long-term. Double digit returns in fixed income investments in selected countries can be attractive in the current low interest rate environment and provide some diversification. Diana Buraka with a report from Fund Forum Africa 2016 in London.
A few years ago one would wonder ‘why’ investing in Africa, whereas now the question is ‘why not’. Considering the growing consumer demand and increasingly liberalised industries it is no surprise that Africa has become a popular destination for business investment.
dianaburaka_fund-forumafrica_15-16september2016_hiltoncanarywharfDiana Buraka, correspondent at FundForum Africa: “Investment in Africa is a very diverse topic. A broad range of views were presented at this year’s FundForum Africa conference. Talking to delegates, fund managers and analysts here it was interesting to see the difference in perspective. Investors and managers based in Africa come up with an assessment which is in contrast to the views of international investors. Overall, Africa is still a continent of opportunities. New technologies, FinTech and innovation in energy and telecom markets as well as financial services represent substantial growth potential.”

Liquidity is a challenge in Africa

But there are also enough reasons to be skeptical about Africa’s sunny growth prospects. Besides corruption, political and systemic risks the number of businesses that are big enough to attract large private equity funds is still limited.

Even when managers have found a promising deal, the owners are often reluctant to give up control. And those who managed to spot the right company and improve its performance within a few years after buying it, struggle to exit by means of an IPO listing due to low liquidity on local stock markets.

Institutional investors face challenges in Africa

For an institutional investor in particular it is very challenging to extract money out of the country or repatriate dividends. This represents a significant risk.

“The biggest fear is getting your money out. Nigeria has imposed capital controls. Egypt has followed a similar approach. If you are an institutional investor or if you are a fiduciary acting on behalf of the pension holders or other investors, you just cannot take such kind of lock up risk in a liquid market. It is just too irresponsible investment, and this is a huge barrier in two of the most liquid markets on the continent” said Adam Choppin, Manager Research – International Equities, Investment Strategy, at FIS Group, Inc at the Fund Forum Africa 2016.

Sound institutional set-up is key for development

Albert Reiter, CEO of and who chaired a high-profile panel at FundForum Africa this year adds: “The institutional set-up in a number of countries is already well developed but the track-record of good governance is still short”. Olusegun Omoniwa, Head of Managed Investments at the Wealth Management Unit of Standard Chartered in Nigeria confirms that there would be a good basis for development of strong local institutional markets: “The pension system in Nigeria is very similar to the one in Chile. Strong domestic institutions and a developed framework could stabilize markets in times of crisis.”

Investors evaluate Frontier Markets in the search for yield

“Talking to institutional bond investors this week I hear that more and more investors start looking at frontier markets also in the search for yield. In the fixed income markets it makes sense to add a few percentage points of double-digit coupons in currencies which have under-performed recently”, explains Albert Reiter from

The brave will take the risk

Besides the currency risks and plummeting commodity prices, political unrests have lowered the appetite of the more risk-averse fund managers. This may bring down the price tags of the overvalued companies and open up new opportunities for those who are brave enough to take the risk.

“The policies of the Zuma government in South Africa had a negative impact on growth but they’ve been unlucky with the economic cycle also. Both things happened at the same time and that’s a rough cocktail to overcome. I don’t see either of those things changing in the next year” added Adam Choppin by FIS Group, Inc.

More upside on the horizon

Despite some caution there was a rather optimistic outlook on investing in Africa during panel discussions at the FundForum Africa 2016. Stephan Breban, Investment Consultant at RisCura reminded that the biggest headwind for investments in Africa remains to be the misperception and a lack of knowledge also.

“The people will tell you about the oil price collapse, about the political instability, the currency instability, but the reality is, that the number one headwind for in Africa is misperception. People tell you that Africa is failing, but every problem you see is not unique and it was just repeated again. Probably the answer has already been found somewhere.”

Entrepreneurship is Africa’s biggest asset

South Africa is still an important power-house in Africa and home to very dynamic companies and entrepreneurs. With the right policies the country could return to growth. Although the current climate is rather defensive and there is talk about rating downgrades there is also reason to be optimistic.

Albert Reiter: “The most recent elections resulted in some surprises for a number of market participants. Herman Mashaba, the new mayor of Johannesburg who made his money as an entrepreneur in the hair-care business, was offered this job by the Democratic Alliance. He is one of the people to watch as he governs and manages a city of 5 million people – close to 10 percent of the country’s population. If he succeeds it would be very promising for the future of the whole country. He is definitely one to take up the challenge.”

Diana Buraka
Correspondent, London

Strictly Come Voting! The European Union through the paradigm of a professional dancer.

by Diana Buraka

As a performer, I see no harm in making emotional decisions, but when it comes to serious matters such as Britain’s membership of the European Union, the arguments should be more pragmatic than those of voting for the finalists of Britain’s Got Talent or Strictly Come Dancing…

There is not doubt, that Britain’s got talent, but together with Europe, it will have much more talent to make this country proud of its achievements! For example, on the International Dance scene, Britain has for years been represented by the Belgian dancer, Joanna Leunis and the Polish dancer, Michael Malitowski. For several years, Michael and Joanna were championing this country as victors in the World Dance Championship. Those talented dancers from the countries of the Brussels Eurocrats and the Polish plumbers were dedicating their art and careers for the glory of Great Britain… If Britain wasn’t welcoming multicultural talent from all over Europe, it would have never remained at the top of the international Ballroom dance scene.

Talking about couple dancing, there are many parallels in the principle of teamwork, and long-term relationship building as a basis for successful cooperation.

The European Union is just like any other relationship, which is not perfect, but it can bring great rewards, if there is a will to engage and to make it prosper.

The proof, is my own success as a professional dancer. It took us many years to shape our dance partnership to become French Champions in Latin American dancing and reap the rewards of our successful partnership on the international dance scene representing France. If Britain remains in Europe, it can shape European cooperation and will carve its unique role within, striving for a successful future together!

Diana Buraka_Intervieiwing Londoners

Does the UK benefit from the European immigration?

by Diana Buraka

To understand the vague logic behind the will to leave Europe, I decided to get on to the streets of London and to talk to those, who believe they will be better off turning their backs on their neighbours, naïvely hoping to continue benefiting from the European single market in the same friendly spirit.

Diana Buraka_Intervieiwing Londoners

While the Remain campaign talks about the real economy, Nigel Farage is relentlessly repeating the same old broken record on immigration, playing on emotional strings, that have nothing to do with logic or common sense. Slamming the doors in the face of skilled and talented Europeans, who make this country thrive by working and paying their taxes, is not the way to handle the immigration issue.

Nick, 58, from Woodford, is a souvenir stall keeper in the most touristic part of central London. I stopped at his stall and asked him, if he sells T-shirts with an “I’M IN” slogan. After thanking an Italian tourist for buying a souvenir from his stall, Nick turned to me and said: ‘I hope we leave Europe and stop the immigrants coming to Britain’. Considering what he said from a logical point of view, if there is anyone, who should be genuinely hoping for Britain to remain in the EU, it should be a souvenir vendor like Nick, otherwise, who will buy his souvenirs if not the foreigners, who flood into London?

Nick grumbled, that there are not enough jobs for everyone in the UK, but I told him that in Switzerland, a country that is outside the EU, where I lived and worked almost a decade, I have witnessed louder anti-immigration voices, as Switzerland, like any other country with a high standard of living, attracts newcomers in their pursuit for a better future. So, leaving the EU is no guarantee of fewer immigrants.

Let’s pray, that talented Europeans will still wish to remain in Britain after London loses its crown as the most multicultural and cosmopolitan city in Europe. And also, let’s hope that stall vendors like Nick will still have enough tourists to buy his souvenirs…

In my pursuit for a logical reason to leave Europe, I spoke to Mike, 52, a black cab driver from Greenwich. I asked Mike, about his reasons to vote for Brexit. Mike expressed his worries about the job shortage for black cab drivers. ‘Isn’t it an inevitable result of globalization and technological progress?’, I thought…. But ironically, Mike did not even mention his true worry, which was competition from Uber, instead blaming the immigrants… Neither did he seem to be aware, that a big part of his own income comes from the foreigners who use his services.

Rounding off my discussions with the Brexit supporters that I spoke to, I was left with an impression, that the vote to Leave is so misleading, that even those directly dependent on the European clientele, are not aware of the negative impact on their own financial well-being! If the UK should leave Europe, it will be an impulsive mistake, that in the long run will benefit nobody!

Creative people believe in Europe and wish for Britain to remain in the EU

Diana Buraka_Creative People in Europe_UK Remain Vote

by Diana Buraka

Britain’s leading role on the global cultural arena can only be reinforced if Britain remains part of Europe. To a large extent, Britain has carved out its leading role in the creative industry thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, attracting the best of European talents.

Creative people across the UK believe in Europe. As one of the international performers living in the UK and the French dance champion, I join the efforts of the big names like Danny Boyle, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude Law and Keira Knightley to support the Remain Vote.

Remaining in the EU means access to the £1.07 Billion Creative Europe funding scheme. It means, British artists and performers will continue to inspire and influence the rest of the continent with their creativity. It also means, that the UK, and particularly vibrant cultural cities like London, retain their appeal for the far-reaching European audiences for any West End play or musical.

Creativity has no borders, race nor nationality, instead, it endorses the free spirit, expressiveness and inspiration, that comes with an open-minded approach of people working together, applying freely for projects and grants across the EU and bringing together brilliant ideas and talents.

Volunteering for the ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ campaign!

I am volunteering for the Remain campaign by the Baker Street polling station.
I believe, the outcome of this decision will affect all of us and
I encourage you to engage and support the ”BRITAIN STRONGER IN EUROPE” campaign!

Diana Buraka_Volunteering for Stronger In Europe

Diana Buraka_Intervieiwing Londoners

Diana Buraka: European Dance Championship 2016 in Moscow and our journey as the French Dance Champions

European Championship 2016_Moscow_Kremlin_Paso Doble_Diana Buraka

Good-bye Russia and hello France! If there were a time of the year that hasn’t lacked for bright colors, dynamic motions and intense moments, then it has been the last, and coming weekend.

Hello MoscowWe’ve just returned from Moscow, where we had the pleasure and the honor to represent France at the European Championship and leave our mark on the dance floor in the Kremlin.

European Championship 2016_Moscow_Kremlin_Paso Doble_Diana Buraka

It was a magnificent event, and the timing of it couldn’t have been any better, because it corresponded with the Russian Orthodox Easter festivities. All the streets were greeting us with colorful arches of flowers, gigantic Easter eggs, folkloric fairy tale characters and traditional Easter market stalls. The vibrant Easter celebrations were in full swing, and after dancing our heart out in the historic hall of the Kremlin, we felt like butter-rich pancakes with some hot chocolate from the Sunday market would be a perfect treat!

Thats how much we love flowers in RussiaWe’ve indulged our taste buds with typical Russian cuisine specialties, until our journey had taken us to our next dance destination – Trophées De France!

Strolling throut the streets of MoscowExactly one year ago, we had a truly memorable moment at this very event, when we became the French Champions. We have been very proud to carry this significant title and we will be delighted to dance again for this trophy this coming Sunday!
You are welcome to keep your fingers and toes crossed! 😉

Latest dance highlights

Dear Friends, it’s been a while since I haven’t updated you on my recent dance ventures. Here are few recent dance highlights.

The biggest and most exciting news from the last year was the beginning of our new chapter in our dance history as the French Champions in professional Latin American Dancing. We have won the championship in Valence and therefore we have the honor to represent France at the major international dance competitions like the European and World dance championships. Listening to the French national anthem right after the award ceremony and the honor dance were some of the sweetest moments in my life that I have been dreaming for a long time. The moment you say to yourself ‘Unbelievable! That is happening right now!’ feels quite surreal!

01_French Champions 2015_DianaDanceTV

Our following adventure was a fusion of dance and couture. We brought some swing rhythms to the London Fashion Week, performing for London luxury evening-wear designer, Nina Naustdal. That was a fun time to rock n roll on the runway to the cheerful tunes of ‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’

London Fashion Week_Diana Buraka_Dance Show

One of my friends, Jay Hoffman, is a talented singer and we helped him to promote his new album, ‘Modern Vintage’ by performing a dance choreographed for one of his songs ‘I won’t kill’. My inspirations for this show have been gathered from the ‘Twilight’ saga…Needless to say…it was spooky…

03_Modern Vintage_DianaThe mood was very different at our next dance show at the Savoy, devoted to the 100-year anniversary of Frank Sinatra. We had the pleasure to support a charitable cause of raising money for the disadvantaged children by performing our show at the Savoy alongside the renown ‘Rat Pack’ from the West End.

Savoy_Diana Buraka_Sinatra Dance ShowSavoy_Diana Buraka_Sinatra Dance Show

This month will be very important in our dance calendar because we’ve been chosen by the French Dance Federation to represent France at the European Championship that will take place in Moscow. We will be dancing on the floor of the festive hall in the Kremlin, home of iconic performances of the Bolshoi and other music stars. We can’t wait for this major event with the best of the best from all European countries!

European Dance Championship_Moscow_Diana Buraka

Staging our unconventional dance show for the ‘Modern Vintage’ concert this Saturday!

I wont kill you_Jay Hofman

Last weekend has been spent yet again on the Planet of creative thinking, artistic ideas and imaginative dance motion! This time I choreographed to accompany the launch of a remarkable new album called “Modern Vintage” by Jay Hofman and his own label ‘Haus of Hofman’. The concert will take place on Saturday, the 12th of December at 8pm at the Conway Hall in Holborn, London. Together with my dance partner we will be performing to lyrical numbers ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘I Won’t Kill’.

My inspirations for this show have been gathered from the ‘Twilight’ saga…
Needless to say…it is meant to be intense, passionate and dramatic, but what may appear unexpected, is the element of reckless unconditional love with its harrowing demands and fatal sacrifices!

The powerful lyrics say ‘I won’t kill, cause I love you’!
Well…my dance interpretation is more cold-blooded than those promises …
It’s a story of a couple torn apart by the death of a fiancée, who was lured into the dark Kingdom of the Vampires. In a moment of deep sorrows he pleads for her not to leave him. When she is resurrected, his doubts and suspicions about her mysterious awakening are dispelled by her innocent appearance of the same loving girl he always knew. When confronted with the realization of her becoming a Vampire, he is encouraged to trust her promise not to harm him. Little did he know, that Vampires can not resist their instincts. Also her temptation of re-uniting with her beloved through the cold-blooded Vampire link becomes overwhelming…

If you are intrigued to see this act on stage, join us this Saturday at 8pm at the Conway Hall!