2012 European Dance Championship

Just 2 hours left before I set off for my next travel destination: EUROPEAN DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP in Sofia. This time again we are dancing with the blessing and support of the French dance federation. We are very proud to be chosen to represent France at the European Cup 2012. Hopefully, it will be shown on some TV channels and I will be able to post the video link for you!

The downfall of traveling for a dance competition on a weekend is that once again I am missing out my one and only Friday’s French lesson at my college!!! Next week again – the same story, when I am dancing at the Dutch Open in Assen, Netherlands. So, excuse my French ;-), but so far my vocabulary doesn’t go beyond “Vive La France!’ and few swear words from the ‘bad mood’ vocabulary of my lovely French dance partner :-)))

And last but not the list – my outfit for this Saturday in a Ferrari color 🙂

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