Latest dance highlights

Dear Friends, it’s been a while since I haven’t updated you on my recent dance ventures. Here are few recent dance highlights.

The biggest and most exciting news from the last year was the beginning of our new chapter in our dance history as the French Champions in professional Latin American Dancing. We have won the championship in Valence and therefore we have the honor to represent France at the major international dance competitions like the European and World dance championships. Listening to the French national anthem right after the award ceremony and the honor dance were some of the sweetest moments in my life that I have been dreaming for a long time. The moment you say to yourself ‘Unbelievable! That is happening right now!’ feels quite surreal!

01_French Champions 2015_DianaDanceTV

Our following adventure was a fusion of dance and couture. We brought some swing rhythms to the London Fashion Week, performing for London luxury evening-wear designer, Nina Naustdal. That was a fun time to rock n roll on the runway to the cheerful tunes of ‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’

London Fashion Week_Diana Buraka_Dance Show

One of my friends, Jay Hoffman, is a talented singer and we helped him to promote his new album, ‘Modern Vintage’ by performing a dance choreographed for one of his songs ‘I won’t kill’. My inspirations for this show have been gathered from the ‘Twilight’ saga…Needless to say…it was spooky…

03_Modern Vintage_DianaThe mood was very different at our next dance show at the Savoy, devoted to the 100-year anniversary of Frank Sinatra. We had the pleasure to support a charitable cause of raising money for the disadvantaged children by performing our show at the Savoy alongside the renown ‘Rat Pack’ from the West End.

Savoy_Diana Buraka_Sinatra Dance ShowSavoy_Diana Buraka_Sinatra Dance Show

This month will be very important in our dance calendar because we’ve been chosen by the French Dance Federation to represent France at the European Championship that will take place in Moscow. We will be dancing on the floor of the festive hall in the Kremlin, home of iconic performances of the Bolshoi and other music stars. We can’t wait for this major event with the best of the best from all European countries!

European Dance Championship_Moscow_Diana Buraka

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