World Economic Forum and Swiss Arab Nights 2018 in Davos

davos_swiss arab network_diana buraka

Some of the most heated debates in Davos 2018 were centered around the challenges that AI and robotics pose to business. The CEO of Google even suggested that AI will be bigger than fire or electricity in terms… Read More

Life beyond death via Artificial Intelligence: Fancy living as an AI in a computer cloud?

by Diana Buraka Today, on the day of my annual birthday re-incarnation, I was contemplating about an eternal immortality… not that I am excited about ‘still rocking it’ as an ancient and frail Granny, but who would resist… Read More

Ma Liaison Allemande – Meine Reise durch Köln – Art Cologne – City Tour Cologne

Art Cologne_April 2017_Diana Buraka

Cologne welcomed me with the warm breeze, contrasting rain and sunshine, but most importantly, with an uplifting feeling of a new start of an awakening spring season. My city tour adventures started through the lively Breiten Strasse with… Read More

From London and Paris with love; Dancing at the European Championship this weekend in Kremlin, Moscow!

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I am feeling privileged to be chosen to represent France at the European Championship! While rehearsing for my big day in Moscow, I’ve been asked by someone watching me practicing, ‘How are you going to compete with the… Read More

Carmen – my personal adaption of the dramatic Bizet’s opera Carmen into a fiery Paso Doble dance

Sounds of castanets and the march of a Toreador – that’s the vibe of our opening dance show ‘Carmen’ today at the Masquerade Ball at the Kensington Close Hotel! To the tunes of Bizet’s Opera, we will be… Read More

The latest chapter of my creative journey – The World Dance Championship in Moscow!

Yet another year we are privileged to be chosen to represent France at the World Dance Championship in Kremlin, Moscow! For me, this journey always brings nostalgic memories of growing up in the Soviet Latvia, when my father… Read More

Investing in Africa – The Challenge of High Returns, Liquidity, Currency Risk and Corporate Governance

by Diana Buraka Fund managers casting their eyes on hot African ventures. Investing in Africa is still seen as a risky venture, but the quest for higher returns and margins makes this continent attractive for global investors in… Read More

Strictly Come Voting! The European Union through the paradigm of a professional dancer.

by Diana Buraka As a performer, I see no harm in making emotional decisions, but when it comes to serious matters such as Britain’s membership of the European Union, the arguments should be more pragmatic than those of… Read More

Does the UK benefit from the European immigration?

by Diana Buraka To understand the vague logic behind the will to leave Europe, I decided to get on to the streets of London and to talk to those, who believe they will be better off turning their… Read More

Creative people believe in Europe and wish for Britain to remain in the EU

by Diana Buraka Britain’s leading role on the global cultural arena can only be reinforced if Britain remains part of Europe. To a large extent, Britain has carved out its leading role in the creative industry thanks to… Read More