Dancing at the Savoy tonight at the Gala ball to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra and support a charitable cause. Join me on this occasion and brush up on your dancing tonight!

Dear Friends, let me invite you to a sophisticated dinner dance ball at the Savoy in London in the company of a glamorous cosmopolitan audience who is united by their passion for Frank Sinatra’s songs and a charitable engagement.

Diana Buraka_Frank Sinatra Dance Show at the Savoy_Nov2015.jpg

Tonight, we will be performing a dance show to pay tribute to the most iconic American jazz singer, Frank Sinatra, for his 100th anniversary.

The profits of this Gala event are going to Variety – the Children’s charity, to help disadvantaged children to have a better chance in life.

It is a great honor for me to support this cause, because of the personal story of my brother, who has lost his mobility after a sports accident. In that difficult moment, we were embraced by the hearts of generous and loving people. This still inspires me until now to give back my love and support to those who need that ‘little something’ to gather their strength and look forward with their next challenge with a smile on their face. To buy a ticket for this event, follow this link:


Frank Sinatra Celebration Dinner

30th November 2015, 7pm, at the Savoy Hotel, London

THE LIST OF FASHION SHOWS for the London Fashion Week 2015

Dear Friends, some of you wanted to attend fashion shows, at which I am involved as a model or presenter/host. Please find the list below. I would appreciate if you could get in touch directly with the organizer in case you are interested to attend any of the events, because it is an incredibly busy time for me right now 😉 I hope to see you there! Diana

19th of September 2015 – INNU LONDON – Fashion show at the Kensington Roof Gardens



20th of September 2015 (Sun) – Fashion Show with Fashion TV

at the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch


22nd of September (Tue) – ROYAL FASHION DAY – LONDON FASHION WEEK Sept 2015


To attend the The Royal Fashion Day use this link:

24th of September 2015 (Thur) – KAOSKA FASHION SHOW 2015


Tickets and Reservation (Rsvp)

27th of September 2015 (Sun) – NINA NAUSTDAL COUTURE LONDON


Write a feature on Kaoska Fashion Show 2015 – London Fashion Week 2015

This one goes to all my friends and colleagues, journalists/bloggers:

Currently I am writing a PRESS RELEASE for KAOSKA fashion show on the 24th of September. I will be hosting this show as a Master of Ceremony. Please let me know if any of you are interested to BE INVITED and to WRITE A FEATURE on it. If interested, please GET IN TOUCH with me asap!

Diana Buraka - Kaoska - Catwalk Diana Buraka - Kaoska poster- 11Sept2015

Please see the video that I’ve produced from Kaoska Show last year:

London Metal Exchange – insider tour – HSG Alumni London

Diana Buraka – London HSG Alumni Board Member – LME Visit

London Metal Exchange opens its doors for HSG (University of St.Gallen) Alumni

Our HSG London Alumni team has been looking into day-to-day trading at the London Metal Exchange. Diana Buraka (second left) met one of our HSG Alumni board members, Marko Kusigerski (first left), who works at the LME and shares his experiences at the oldest open-outcry Metal Exchange.

We got a unique insight into the essential processes at the London Metal Exchange from a privileged insider tour by one of our Alumni members.

For all those new to this subject, London Metal Exchange is the largest market in the world in metal options and futures, and it is central to official price setting. It is also, the only remaining ‘old fashioned’ exchange that still practices the ‘open-outcry’ way of trading. Each metal listed on the LME is traded individually in a short five-minute ring trading session and its outcome determines the official price worldwide! In 2012 LME was sold to Hong Exchange for £1.4 billion and currently it is looking into further expansion in China.

To our great fascination, we observed life trading sessions for zinc, copper and aluminum. The tactics of the ring trading resembled a heated parliamentary debate between the MPs, where ten exclusive members of ring were shouting out their last moment bid, accompanied by some energetic coded gestures that would outdo any fierce debate of two gesticulating Italians. The highlight of the short five-minute trading session for aluminum was at the very last minute, since every member hopes to get the last bid advantage. The whole process looks quite archaic and it hasn’t changed for the last hundred years. The ring proclaims the rule of gentleman, which means, styling yourself to something more extravagant than a conservative dark suit and tie will result in a hefty fine. During the ring session traders aren’t permitted to access any digital devises like phones or even digital watches, so, the only arsenal they have to their means is pen and paper, which brings me to memories of my final exam at the university of St. Gallen.  Don’t get me wrong, not all of them are Swiss, but most of them are wearing Swiss watch, that they tune every morning to the perfect clock hanging above the trading ring. This obsession with the time-precision is beyond my time-management comprehension, but for the traders it is second nature, since every second can result into a ‘rugs to riches’ story. Pursuing a career of a trader and becoming familiar with the secret coded gestures and verbal messages is something that one starts from infanthood. Sadly, I missed my chance…

Eventually the bell marked the end of the official morning session and the heated activity in the ring diffused in a matter of seconds. We caught ourselves still holding our breath for the last five-minutes following the intensity of the trading battle. When the spectacular show was over, we made a group photo with relatively relaxed faces. It was time to thank Marko for an insightful tour at the LME and return to our offices.