The latest chapter of my creative journey – The World Dance Championship in Moscow!

Yet another year we are privileged to be chosen to represent France at the World Dance Championship in Kremlin, Moscow!
diana-buraka_from-russia-with-loveFor me, this journey always brings nostalgic memories of growing up in the Soviet Latvia, when my father used to come back home in his fighter pilot uniform of the Russian Army.
I recall those days like a Soviet film from the past, where I am able to play a part and shape the storyline.
It all starts from the moment when the sumptuous halls of the Aurora Hotel on Petrovka street, that we call our home for a few days, are welcoming us with the grand style design of the Tsarist Russia.
hotel-aurora_moscowNo time to procrastinate in the lavish hotel lounges, – we register by the delegation of the World Dance Council and get ourselves ready for the mission!
It’s nothing less but the World Dance Championship and the stakes are high!
Hours of rehearsing, grooming and planning… and we are embarking on a journey through the strictly guarded gates of the Red Square. We are wondering through the maze of the endless corridors of Kremlin, till eventually reaching the festive Congress Hall, that breathes with Russian history. You glance at the grand stage and imagine the line-up of the remarkable performers it has seen. And that’s the moment I have to pinch yourself, because in couple of hours we are entering this stage and begin with our own story, that we’ll convey through the fusion of movements, music and our creative spirit.

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