Some of the most heated debates in Davos 2018 were centered around the challenges that AI and robotics pose to business.

The CEO of Google even suggested that AI will be bigger than fire or electricity in terms of business impact. These discussions were by far the most popular of the entire week and the questions always eventually turned to the impact on society, the role of human vs machine and how these relationships will develop.  It was noted that the most popular consumer AI interfaces, such as Alexa and Siri, default to female personae and, indeed, there was even serious talk of how humans may soon develop romantic relationships with AI.

But we’re not there quite yet and until we are, the best way for humans to interface with each other, especially when they seem to have culturally different operating systems, is to meet face to face at events such as the Swiss-Arab Network.davos_swiss arab network_diana buraka_02“The Swiss-Arab Network is not just about business”, says spokesman Slim Habli. “It’s also about building long-term relationships”davos_swiss arab network_diana burakaAnother central theme at Davos was the empowerment of women and this is an issue very important to the Swiss-Arab Network.

So whilst Alexa isn’t on talking terms with Cortana, and Siri stays aloof, the organisers of the Swiss-Arab Network are succeeding in their goals to empower (real) women and to help diverse cultures to join together and find common ground.davos_swiss arab network_diana burakaThis year the Swiss-Arab Networking event opens its doors in Davos on 23rd January 2019.

davos_swiss arab network_diana buraka

davos_swiss arab network_diana buraka


One Comment on “World Economic Forum and Swiss Arab Nights 2018 in Davos

  1. Hi, Diana!

    You’re looking great! I miss you. Things are changing for me here. I’m in Taos, New Mexico. It’s “the Old West out here. There’s not much in the way of dancing, but I’m living with it. At one point soon, I will need to travel again to Europe. I will start with London, and with luck, I will get to see you out there.

    It’s a little late, but Happy New Year!



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