Creative people believe in Europe and wish for Britain to remain in the EU

Diana Buraka_Creative People in Europe_UK Remain Vote

by Diana Buraka

Britain’s leading role on the global cultural arena can only be reinforced if Britain remains part of Europe. To a large extent, Britain has carved out its leading role in the creative industry thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, attracting the best of European talents.

Creative people across the UK believe in Europe. As one of the international performers living in the UK and the French dance champion, I join the efforts of the big names like Danny Boyle, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jude Law and Keira Knightley to support the Remain Vote.

Remaining in the EU means access to the £1.07 Billion Creative Europe funding scheme. It means, British artists and performers will continue to inspire and influence the rest of the continent with their creativity. It also means, that the UK, and particularly vibrant cultural cities like London, retain their appeal for the far-reaching European audiences for any West End play or musical.

Creativity has no borders, race nor nationality, instead, it endorses the free spirit, expressiveness and inspiration, that comes with an open-minded approach of people working together, applying freely for projects and grants across the EU and bringing together brilliant ideas and talents.

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