Strictly Come Voting! The European Union through the paradigm of a professional dancer.

by Diana Buraka As a performer, I see no harm in making emotional decisions, but when it comes to serious matters such as Britain’s membership of the European Union, the arguments should be more pragmatic than those of… Read More

Does the UK benefit from the European immigration?

by Diana Buraka To understand the vague logic behind the will to leave Europe, I decided to get on to the streets of London and to talk to those, who believe they will be better off turning their… Read More

Creative people believe in Europe and wish for Britain to remain in the EU

by Diana Buraka Britain’s leading role on the global cultural arena can only be reinforced if Britain remains part of Europe. To a large extent, Britain has carved out its leading role in the creative industry thanks to… Read More

Volunteering for the ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ campaign!

I am volunteering for the Remain campaign by the Baker Street polling station. I believe, the outcome of this decision will affect all of us and I encourage you to engage and support the ”BRITAIN STRONGER IN EUROPE”… Read More